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EZResult was sold to Ask Jeeves in November, 1999

My name is Andy Curtis, and I was 20 years old when I created this search engine. This website came from the Wayback Machine and isn't functional (at least the search part). The search engine had roughly 70 million pages when it sold. I found the following references to my search engine from Robert Bruce Thompson.

From Robert Bruce Thompson's Journal for the Week of 4/26/99 (Tuesday)

The home page states "Other search engines take days or weeks to add new pages or change existing pages. EZResult allows you to add or update your web page instantly." I tested that claim and found it to be the literal truth.
EZResults also makes up for some of its search syntax weaknesses relative to other search engines by using word stemming intelligently. I found that simply by entering a phrase in normal order, omitting stop words like "the" and "and" allowed me to locate occurrences of that phrase without much problem. The size of the index is also reasonable. When I was using it last night, I seem to remember that it was listing its index size in the 34 million page range somewhere, although I don't remember where exactly. When I checked this morning, it was up to 35,158,486 pages indexed. The jury is still out on this new search engine, but it appears to be one to keep an eye on.
From Robert Bruce Thompson's Journal for the Week of 6/14/99 (Saturday)
I may use EzResult.com, a new search-engine that I stumbled across a month or so ago. EzResult doesn't have the most power search syntax, and they're still building their database (at about four million pages a day), but they do have one thing no one else has: instant updates. And by "instant", they mean instant.
Every other search engine I know of requires from days to weeks to get a new page indexed and listed in their database. EzResult requires literally seconds. That means I can hit the EzResult site, update this page, and have it instantly searchable. Try it yourself. Go to the site and search for the non-word furfurwathle.