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EZResult 6.2 Beta - October 13, 1999

EZResult, the next generation of search engines, provides fast, relevant results.  Using unique technology, EZResult is indexing the entire internet.  This will allow users to search every word or term of every web page in the world.

We have currently indexed over 69,892,000 web pages.  You can monitor our growth on our statistics page.  We offer users the ability to refresh and add their web pages through instantaneous web page additions and updates

Many times, users need to search for terms that consist of characters other than letters or numbers.  EZResult is the first large scale search engine to support special characters such as _,-,$,%,+,', etc..    With our technology, users can search for terms such as cd-rom, 555-1212, $9.99, etc..  This is just another way that EZResult makes it easier for users to find results they need.

Other features of our new technology:

  • Adding and updating millions of pages every day to keep results fresh.
  • Enhanced relevancy in responding to a large number of pages.
  • Scalable to one trillion web pages.
  • Unmatched parallel data processing.
  • Concurrent searching and indexing.
  • Minimal cost/maintainence overhead.
  • Powered by Redhat Linux 6.0